Field Trips at High Jinks are Awesome!


Our facility is safe, clean, fun and designed to allow kids to be kids!

2 hour time slots are available

Stimulate your kids and enhance your curriculum!

To book your Field Trip or find out more please send an email to Darlene Babineau (Owner/Operator) Please include your preferred date and time, organization name, age of group, number of children and your contact info.

OPEN PLAY … for up to 50 children


Start Time: Between 9:30am -10:00am
Duration: 2 hours
Snack: nut-free trail mix and juice
Price: $6.00 (including HST) per student

This Field Trip allows the students to participate in physical activity in our playground featuring a two-story climber with a triple wave slide, tunnels, bridges, and treehouse, 1/2 court basketball area, EyePlay (a virtual gaming floor) and our FunTown imaginative play area. (under 6 yrs.)

For this option 1-2 staff members will help MONITOR the children and provide snack.


GROUP ROTATION … for 51 – 80 children  (note smaller groups under 51 may also choose this)

Start Time:  Between 9:30am or 10:00am
Duration: 2 hours
Snack: nut-free trail mix and juice
Price: $8.00 (including HST) per student

This Field Trip is for larger groups of 51-80 students. We offer an organized event with the children divided into groups that rotate through the High Jinks play stations including snack. This is lead by 3 to 4 High Jinks staff. The children will have the change to play in our facility (same play areas as above) as well as one of the options below to enhance your Field Trip.

Snapology (Lego ®) Unique programs introduce STEM concepts in a fun, educational manner. They offer a wide variety of programs, including creative play, themed play and structured educational play.


Railyard Conditioning Obstacle Course:

The Railyard Conditioning Course is a portable, easy to use Obstacle Course that kids from K-12 love to climb, crawl, duck under, and jump on. The exercises that are used on the Course include: Bear Crawl, Alligator, Inch Worm, Stork Walk, and Hop Over’s to provide your students and athletes with strength, cardiovascular conditioning, balance, coordination, agility, flexibility, endurance, and improved posture. Exercise on the Railyard is FUN for children of all fitness levels.



Art, Crafts or Science Creations

We can create a craft (unlike those done in the classroom ) or the students can paint on a 6ft double sided art easel or create a science experiment. Discuss options when booking to decide which is the best project or activity for your group. Many tried and true projects to choose from.

  • Please Note
  • The no shoes, sock-only rule applies to parents / caregivers as well as the children
  • We do not allow outside food or drink within our facility
  • We offer all teachers and TA’s a free complimentary drink of water, coffee or tea.
  • Parent Chaperones are admitted for FREE. Maximum is 15 Chaperones.
  • Lunch and additional time options are available. Add $5.00 per child for 2 pieces of pizza, juice and an ice cream cup for dessert. (includes an extra 1/2 hr.)

Teachers, Parents & Kids: We are all Winners at High Jinks!